About Us

It all started very small

We are the internal external

We are independent-minded and always curious. Our interdisciplinary team is committed to the methods of human-centered design. Our mission is to develop digital products that serve real needs, and our aim is to always exceed expectations.

Together with the current managing directors of Neugelb, a corporate concept was developed to provide the bank with a permanent external perspective. Sometimes we are the antagonist, sometimes the sidekick.

Our Process

Our goal is always to create impressive experiences, intuitive products and perfect design. As an interdisciplinary team we have complementary skills and we strive to constantly share our experiences and collaborate. In this way, each of us contributes to an atmosphere in which each individual can create, learn and develop on a personal and professional level.

In each project, every team member brings their unique skills to the table, ready to learn and teach. In this way, we can create projects sophisticated enough to penetrate entire industries.

think. rethink. done.

Our way of working follows the ideas and methods of Design Thinking. The basis of our work is to develop products for real needs and to design solutions for real users. We look for the problem first, and then work to we find a solution. We give each project time for in-depth research. For our clients, we offer design workshops in which we develop concrete topics based on the principles of human-centered design. And then when it is time to implement, we build rapidly and continuously, constantly optimizing as we go.

I am Neugelb

From 0 to 1

Asitosh, Backend Development